1415 Lorimer Drive
Roseville, California
USA 95747
Tel. (916) 771-2402
Fax (916) 482-4706
E-mail: Ukrainianheritageclubofnc@yahoo.com
President - Lubow Jowa (916) 771-2402 Short Bio&Statement
Vice President - Ihor Shevchyk (916) 791-3660 
Secretary & Bulletin Editor - Ola H Oliynyk  (916) 482-4706 
Secretary - Olena Oskolkova (916) 719-9258
Treasurer - Svitlana Kryshtafovych (530) 661-6776
Trustee - Ivan Lorczak (916) 649-2122
Trustee - Orest Kuzio  (916) 254-9505
* Ukrainian Opera in Sacramento - October 9, 2010
* Our Participation at Global Fashion Showcase at State Fair
* Концерт заслуженого артиста України, бандуриста Дмитра Губ'яка -
в Сакраменто у травні 2010 року

* Shevchenko Program in Sacramento -
Вшанування памяті Тараса Шевченка
в Сакраменто 14 березня 2010 року

* Soviet Story - Movie Screening
Program: Victims of Communist Oppression - November 21, 2009

* Ukrainian Festival - Independence of Ukraine Day Celebration ADD,
August 22, 2009

*Ukrainian Festival Program Book

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     The History of Our Organization

    The Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California was initiated during an informal picnic at the ranch of Andy and Olga Sudia in 1980. The picnic was advertised in the Sacramento Bee newspaper by Alex and Joanne Kachmar and a small group of enthusiasts of Ukrainian descent with the hope that other American Ukrainians in the area would respond
     Close to 50 people called in and the picnic was a big success.

    The club was formally registered as a non profit organization on June 10, 1983 by its first president Yuriy Oliynyk.
    In 1988 Alex Kachmar was elected president and held that office until 1992 when Yuriy Oliynyk was reelected and held that office until March 31, 2009. In March 31, 2009 Dr. Lubow Jowa became the president of the UHC of NC.
    The UHC of NC regularly sponsors picnics in the summer time and a traditional Malanka New Years celebration which was initiated by Dr. Alexander Naklowycz, its first vice president.

    Prior to 1991 the club commemorated January 22 as Ukrainian Independence Day by hoisting Ukrainian flag atop the California State Capitol. Since 1991, Ukrainian Independence is celebrated on August 24.

    The Club has assisted its member Bohdan Storozuk (+), a representative of Ukrainian Studies School for the state of California to advertise the Saturday School of Ukrainian Studies that numbers 240 children and 6 grade levels.

    Recent additions to the Sacramento cultural scene have been the Ukrainian Folk Dance ensembles "Sonechko" for children and "Mriya" for adults under the direction of club member Halyna Lorczak. The ensembles received their jump start with the club's assistance.

    Since 2000 Mr. & Mrs. Arabagi directed the Dance Ensemble "Sonechko" and later "Kalyna" Youth Dance Emsemble.

    The club also financed a first issue of the magazine "VIZ" for the newly arrived immigrants. This magazine has since been replaced by the magazine "Pohliad" for which the club provided initial assistance.

    Since 1989 the UHC of NC has provided the services of its members. Ola and Yuriy Oliynyk are known for their numerous lecture recitals at public schools, universities, colleges and libraries with presentations of Ukrainian music, culture and history. A traveling exhibit of Ukrainian arts and crafts accompanies these presentations.

    Amended Articles of Organization of Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California

    I. The name of this organization is Ukrainian Heritage Club of Northern California.

    II.    A. This organization is a non-profit, charitable, and cultural club, organized within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. THe purpose of this club is to engage in any lawful act, or activity for which a club may be organized under such law.
        B. The specific purpose of this club is to promote the Ukrainian heritage, traditions, and to provide assistance to needy Ukrainians within the U.S.A., and abroad.

    III. The name and address is the State of California or this organization's initial agent for service of process is: Yuriy Oliynyk, President, 5253 Glancy Drive, Carmichael, California 95608-5458.

    IV. Notwithstanding any of the above statements of purposes and powers, this organization shall not expect to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the specific purposes of this organization.

    V. Should the organization be dissolved, its assets shall be distributed to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee,  Inc. 1321 West Lindelay Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19141, and only if not in existence at such time to the Harvard University Ukrainian Studies Fund, 1581-83 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MASS 02138.

    Dated May 9, 1983
    Send all questions to: Ukrainianheritageclubofnc@yahoo.com

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    Since October 9, 1998
    Last updated March 15, 2010